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Human Development to be anchor of Economic revival prog: Musharraf

July 20, 2002 - The Daily PAKISTAN OBSERVER

ISLAMABAD - President General Pervez Musharraf has said human development is the anchor of his economic revival program aimed at progress and prosperity of the country. He was speaking at a ceremony held to award those individual philanthropists who donated $ 100,000 each towards the Fund here Friday night.

President Musharraf said the real wealth of the country were its people who deserve equal opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

He said Human Development Programme is the main ingredient for the development and prosperity of the nation and plays a crucial role in development of the society.

Musharraf said his short and long term strategy was to concentrate on Human Development and in this regard he had created a special Foundation on Human Development in June 2001, to develop innovative strategies for social transformation and poverty alleviation. The Foundation was mandated to assess needs, recommend integrated solutions for the delivery of primary education, adult literacy, micro-enterprise and primary health care, and propose plans for capacity building in social sectors. Pleased over the progress made so far, the president said, he wanted expeditious implementation of the recommendations and added that for this objective he has setup the National Commission for Human Development, to be chaired by Dr. Nasim Ashraf.

He said under the programme, Basic Health Units would be established in rural areas and Tehsil level hospitals where services of medical specialists and modern equipment would be ensured. As regards education, he said the government has evolved a strategy to impart modern and scientific education in the 'Madrassah'. The students of religious institutions would also be taught English, Science, Math besides computer training while their religious curricula would remain the same. Besides, he said qualitative improvement would be brought in the primary and secondary level education by starting programmes for teachers training and modernizing the examination system. He said technical school would be opened at Tehsil Headquarters. A total of 450 schools would be opened under this programme.

The president also announced setting up of Higher Education Commission headed by Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, Minister for Science and Technology. He said this commission had been necessitated because the University Grants Commission has lost its utility. He added that Ordinance to this effect has been promulgated and the commission would be operative from August 15.


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