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Mr. President, You Can Save the 21st Century from Doomsday

Pervaiz Lodhie
LEDtronics Torrance, CA


History has given you a rare precious opportunity to be remembered as the ‘best President’ of the 21st century. ‘Best President’ not only of America but of the new Global Village that desperately needs more technology-age leaders like you and President Musharraf. You would not want to be remembered as the 21st Century US President who set in motion a catalyst for the 3rd World War and proved the Doomsday pundits right in the ‘End of the World’ predictions.


Pervaiz Lodhie General Pervez Musharraf


Pervaiz Lodhie receives an award from President Musharraf at a Islamabad function

You are a good human being. You have a good heart, body and soul. You are compassionate. You are always trying to be fair. You are caring. You are unselfish and very giving. You are a major inspiration for me as a good family man. It is clear that many of your human qualities are enhanced by your ‘Better Half’. I am sure she has helped you many times keeping you calm and cool in the most difficult times. I am sure she has been part of your strength and wisdom in making the right decisions under pressure.

I am the best of America. I am as American as anyone ever will be. I am the best of small minority owned corporate America. I am a technology entrepreneur who has for 30 years designed, developed, manufactured and supplied technology products of tomorrow for 80% of all the Fortune 500 industrial giants of America. I have affected billions of dollars of economic health of America. For the last 19 years I and my wife have quietly supplied Solid-State LED light bulbs to the US industry to reduce electric energy usage by average 1 million watts per year. Soon this number will reach the 3-5 million watts per year mark. In effect, I have also reduced pollution. I have introduced environmentally friendly LED bulbs ideal for use with Alternative or Renewable Energy resources like Solar Energy, Wind Energy. For 19 years I have helped reduce hazardous waste. I have also helped reduce the global warming and much much more.

I am also a Pakistani American. I am a Muslim. Thirty-five years ago like thousands of other professionals from the poorest areas of the Third World, I came to America. Unlike most other expatriates, in the course of the last 35 years, I never forgot my unwritten responsibility to the country I left behind. I am proud to say that I am giving back to the poor of Pakistan 1000 times more than what I took out by way of brain drain when I left. This is only the beginning. I am one of the 24 Founding Directors and Trustees of President Musharraf’s revolutionary Pakistan Human Development Fund that will be the 21st Century’s best model for long-term sustainable poverty reduction. It will also remove a major resource the fundamentalists and terrorists must have to survive. On my own I have embarked on Humanitarian Poverty Alleviation programs in the poorest Pakistani villages, providing them sustainable solar powered LED light bulbs and solar powered drinking water pumps. This program will have far reaching positive effects. I am providing jobs to the urban educated unemployed men and women. My labor intensive ‘Contract Manufacturing’ in Karachi Pakistan allows me to be a heavy US tax payer at a time so many other US companies are struggling to barely stay alive. My partnership with Pakistan allows my US Corporation to not only be globally competitive but also provide high paid American jobs when most of Corporate America is doing major layoffs.

America is not White or Yellow or Brown or Tan or Black. It is all of these. America is not Christian or Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist or Hindu. It is all of these. America is the greatest country in the world today because it is able to attract the best of the world. It is the most giving country but its global image is that of an arrogant global power that sucks most of the world’s resources and wealth, human or material, but doesn’t give anything back in return. America’s global image needs a major overhaul. For the first time in 35 years I and my family are very concerned: When will we be insulted in America for the first time for giving America our best?

Ever since the coming of communication satellites, the coming of computers, the Internet, the cell phone and CNN, the world suddenly shrank big time in the last two decades. The haves and have-nots that didn’t see each other could now see each other in real time. Most of today’s worlds problems are caused by the rich West not quickly making adjustments and corrections to this Global Village phenomenon. Two decades ago the disparity between Rich and Poor was a bad 1:40. Guess what it is today? 1:80.

Spending billions of dollars on fighting global terrorism with arms and ammunition will only make matters worse. A fraction of this amount towards fighting global poverty, basic education, basic health and basic skills will give 1000’s % more return for the money spent in shorter period of time. Results will be long term. Economic benefits to the West will be gigantic. I hope you will not be misguided by any 20th Century non-technology era thinking. This is your chance in history. Make it or break it. America must be respected as the true big brother that takes care of the rest of the family and is not afraid to apologize for making mistakes once in a while.



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