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Rendezvous: Aisha Chapra

September 10, 2005. The Saturday Post




Aisha Chapra is a bright young Pakistani woman, newly settled in Washington DC, and pursuing a career in political lobbying and community relations. As the Executive Director of the Pakistani American Liaison Center, Aisha is perhaps in one of the most exciting jobs for a recent graduate. We met with Aisha to find out more about her background, job, and aspirations; and walked away impressed with her determination and sense of purpose in doing something meaningful for Pakistan and its people right from the beginning of her career..


Tell us a bit about your background...

I was born in the US, but my parents moved back to Pakistan when I was two weeks old. They did not quite enjoy the experience of living here as much as they thought they would. So I grew up in Karachi. I graduated from the American High School in Karachi and then went to McGill University in Montreal, Canada for my bachelors in social work and English Literature. A few months ago, I moved to DC in search of a good career opportunity in line with my interests and education.


How did your career progress in DC and where are you working now?

When I first moved to DC, I hadn't planned on any particular employer or job as such. I had a fairly good idea that I wanted to do something that builds upon my social work education and where I can have an impact on society. I started my career in DC working with the Pakistan Embassy. I worked as the Executive Director of the Rising Leaders (a youth organization focused on building a stronger and more influential Pakistani American community). I recently moved to the Pakistani American Liaison Center, which focuses on first generation Pakistani Americans and is working towards building a stronger presence for our community on Capitol Hill.





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