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Karachi High School - IT History

Karachi High School was founded on the 14th of January 1985 as a private co-education institution. It started off and has remained an invitation to learn for students from all walks of life. The school not only emphasizes on promoting quality education but also accentuates the development of talent and aptitude in the individual. It offers children a blend of both scholastic and extra curricular activities, which prepares them to excel in today's dynamic environment. Offering Matriculation and O' Level systems of education, KHS provides a curriculum starting from pre-primary to high school majors in Science & Commerce. The school faculty constitutes of highly qualified, experienced and trained experts.

KHS was one of the first few schools to offer computer education to its students. Keeping in mind the rapid growth in the technological industry, the children are given coaching since grade one so as to make them well versed in this field. In 1987, the school organized the very first countrywide seminar on Computer Education for Schools in association with Pakistan Association for Computer Education in Schools (PACES). In 1998, the school again conducted a seminar on Internet and Education and invited Ms. Susan Sley a Computer Resources Head from the US.

On October 22nd, 1999, Karachi High School became one of the first Schools to have launched its own website at www.khs.edu.pk.This is yet another step the school has taken to promote computer literacy amongst their students as well as further enhancing the schools' standard of education.

The website, www.khs.edu.pk offers various links to educational sites along with school related information. Both, children and parents can browse and find links of their interest which range from the school's hotline to a complete rundown on the institutions' current activities. Respective grade syllabi, faculty and administration information and academic achievements are just some of the few links featured on this attractive and comprehensive web page. The hotline is of particular convenience as parents can send in their queries regarding any school matter and their questions will be answered via the same channel. This not only facilitates better communication but also gives parents the assurance that the school is attentive to parental involvement.

It was one of the few schools, that implemented a computer laboratory with BBC Computers in way back 1987, slowly upgrading to Apple Mac computers in 1989, when very few schools were even thinking of computers as a part of school studies. Today a dozen years, later, Karachi High School, despite its budgetary constraints has two fully functional computer labs. One lab comprises of 26 computers, which include 486's and Pentium One's and the second lab plays host to 36 computers, which are inclusive of Celerons', Pentium II's and Penitum III's. This constitutes a 1 to 1 ratio per student per class.

KHS makes sure to thank its Technology Patrons, for helping take the lab where it is today. Companies like Intel and people like Mr.Mohsin Iqbal and Mr.Pervaiz Lodhie, who have been ardent donors of computers to this school and even today continue to support the schools efforts to implement IT in school studies.

Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie, President/Owner - Ledtronics, Inc. recently visited Karachi High School in Pakistan who was holding the ISEO 2001 (International Schools Educational Olympiad) and recognized the efforts put in by Karachi High School to spread computer education / awareness even to the underprivileged girls and women. Mr. Lodhie is presently calling upon other business associates to join him in donating another 15-20 computers.

The Karachi High School is also recognised by the enoschools.org, an organization of shools working online for environmental issues. Recently the schools got recognition from the Cambridge University to run IT and ICT courses in Pakistan. The school also has recognition from the Sindh Board of Technical Education to conduct IT Diploma courses and examination.

Keeping in mind the importance of computer knowledge in the present age, KHS is determined to make all their students well versed in this field. "We are a laboratory where ideas from all perspectives are developed, tested, criticized and disseminated to the wider world. Our mission is to impart the best possible education which not only make our children outstanding students but also exceptional and capable human beings," said Parveen Kassim, Founding Member and Principal, Karachi High School.



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